Hakka Labs

Hakka Labs (formerly g33ktalk.com) had hosted, produced, and collected a ton of cutting edge tech talks, and had become a hub for meet-ups in the Bay Area, New York, London, and Berlin, attracting top tech talent from around the world. Positioned between great tech talks, the companies that sponsored them, and the top engineers watching them, Hakka Labs found itself in a unique spot to help connect top talent with great jobs. To do that, I migrated them from a legacy CMS into a modern web app and added recruitment features.


Hakka Labs – Homepage


Hakka Labs – Job Board


Key Features

  • Automated import of WordPress posts
  • WordPress-style “shortcodes” for integrating YouTube videos, SlideShare decks, MP3s, and mailing list sign-ups
  • Job Board
  • Company spreads
  • Custom CMS
  • GitHub Connect: when a developer finds a company or job of interest, she or he can connect with a developer at that company via GitHub’s OAuth

Technical Highlights

  • Rails4
  • PostgreSQL
  • Heroku